How Virtual Reality Make Revolution to the Way We Book Travel | NHBD24

Virtual reality is a technology which could become a familiar travel tool during the reservation procedure. This could permit customers to explore their hotel room, cruise cabin or destination before they plonk down their hard-earned money. Travelers shopping for a hotel room or cruise, for instance, could don their headsets and get a virtual tour of rooms and cabins, sliding open doors and stepping out onto the balcony. It’s not the beginning of Expedia has toyed with the potential of VR.

In a charitable association with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital last year, Expedia brought the world to sick, bed-ridden children with 360-degree cameras, interactive live-streaming technology and room projections.  Kids momentarily forgot about their illness as they were whisked to Patagonia, the jungle, the depths of the ocean, and embarked on fossil hunts with archeologists in the desert.

The company is also looking at how Amazon’s Echo voice-controlled speaker devices could assistance the travel process. Expedia partnered with Amazon to unveiling an innovative features that allows consumers to interrelate with their Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices and receive real-time updates on their travel itineraries, which including hotel reservations, flight status, loyalty point’s balance and rental car reservations. The company also launched an Expedia bot which allowing travelers to book a hotel room directly on Facebook or Messenger.

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