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YouTube is one of the best platforms to showcase your creativity to the whole world. Creating a channel on YouTube is quite easy. However, the work did not end when the channel was created. I want to start from there with patience and dedication.

How to start earning from the YouTube channel?

Take a look how to create a YouTube channel

  • Creating a YouTube Channel requires a Google Account. YouTube channel can be created using any Google account. You can create a YouTube channel by logging into a Google Account from a computer or mobile.
  • To do this, select the upload video at the beginning.
  • If the channel is not already created, YouTube will suggest you create a new channel.
  • Start a new channel, using the channel name and a logo.
  • At the end, select the ‘Create’ option and create a new channel.

What to keep in mind when creating a new YouTube channel?

  • Name the channel as if it were easy to remember. Use short names for easier remembering.
  • Design a different logo for yourself. However, this can be done even after creating a channel.
  • It is mandatory to have a good video editing software and a little skill in video editing.

What do you need to know before uploading a video to a YouTube channel?

  • You must regularly upload videos to get success from YouTube channels. Must upload regular short and good video.
  • If the quality of the video is not low then it will not work. The content of the video must be unique.
  • Use a good camera when recording video. Don’t rush to edit.
  • Do not give incorrect information in the headline. However the headings have to be interesting. You also need to add keywords to the video.
  • In addition to keywords, a thumbnail of a video can be a success mantra.
  • Good video needs good sound. External recorder can be used if needed.

Earnings start: In the last 12 months, 1000 subscriber and 4000 public watch will be able to start earning from the YouTube channel. You can then enroll yourself in the YouTube Partner Program.

Select the Account icon at the top right, then select Creator Studio.

In the left menu, select ‘Channel’ and select Status and Features.

Now enable ‘Monetization’.

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