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Google Maps includes all local name, address and information. When everything is available in Google Maps, why can’t your home name and address be found?

Google Maps provides important place names and addresses. Your home or organization may not be located there. So let’s add the name and address of our home or organization to this world map today so that my home or organization can be found from any part of the world.

  • First install Google Map on your mobile or computer. You need to be logged in with a Gmail account to access Google Map.
  • Now click on the three spots in the top left corner of Google Map. Then a toolbar menu will open. In that toolbar menu, click on Satellite. Then you will have the advantage of finding your location.
  • Then click those three spots in the top left corner again. Now look at the bottom of the toolbar menu that says Add missing Place. Click there.
  • Now a small toolbar menu will open in front of you, in the Name box enter your home or organization name.
  • Enter your local address in the address box. (If you enter the correct address, the map will appear in your area. Otherwise it won’t.)
  • If you have a home in the Category box and select the national organization, what is the organization?
  • Now see in front of you a map of your area. A red balloon-shaped pointer appears on the map. Now hold the pointer over your home or organization and double-click it.
  • Finally, click the Submit button in the toolbar menu. The name and address of your home or organization is now added to Google Maps. Now your home name and address will appear on Google Maps from anywhere in the world.

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