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Google brings special benefits for iPhone users to securely log in to their Google account. For two-factor authentication, users no longer have to go around with separate security keys. They will be able to log in with the code found in the SMS on the iPhone.

These days only Android users were getting this benefit. Now Google users will get the benefits of updating the Google Smart Lock app. Each time a user tries to log in to a Google Account, he or she will have to launch the app.

To use the iPhone as a security key, you must be logged in with a Chrome browser. Also, Bluetooth must be enabled on ISO devices and computers. To get the iPhone security code, you must first enter the password on your Google account. This account will not be available to any account other than Google.

Last year, Google introduced two-factor authentication for users of Android Nougat and above. As a result, users are getting the phone security code when they sign in to Google’s other fast party apps, including Gmail and Drive.

Two-factor authentication is used to ensure online security. In this case, the user’s phone secret code is sent via SSS. This code is required when logging into the account from desktop. This makes it possible to prevent illegal logging into the account.

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