China Seizes Personal Information with Tiktok | NHBD24

Video sharing app Tiktok has been accused of trafficking huge amounts of information to China. The United States has claimed that Tiktok is stealing information without informing users. The Tiktok has over 1 million active users worldwide. Tiktok has previously made it clear that they do not store the information of a US citizen on a Chinese server. However, there have been serious allegations of Chinese data being collected from users in North America for various reasons and trafficking in China.

The case has already been filed in California court. The complaint alleged that a large number of people’s personal information was being smuggled. And with that information it is possible to identify those people separately. The complaint further said that by identifying those users with the information that Tiktok has smuggled, it will be widely known. And by using this information, those people can be kept under surveillance in the future.

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