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Windows 7 is a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It was released in the market in the 21st. It was first published on July 22,29 but was published worldwide on October 22, 25. In the beginning, Microsoft’s code was named Vienna, also known as Blackbomb.

Windows Seven was released as an updated version of Windows Vista. After a long 3 years of service, on January 3, 2012, Microsoft announced that they had stopped updating all versions of this version, security issues. As a result, Windows 8 users will not receive any security updates or patches sent by Microsoft to protect the computer. As a result, users of Windows 7 have trouble. Setting up Windows 7 is no more speed.

As a result, the operating system users’ PCs are now at risk. Because from now on, even if Windows 8 detects a security error, Microsoft won’t fix it anymore.

Meanwhile, it is also feared that cyber-malicious malware may be spread to target Windows 7 users. The chance is that they may be able to steal personal information, surveillance of user’s eyes and ransomware attacks.

Microsoft wrote on their website that the risk of infecting viruses and malware on Windows 7 machines rises if the software and security programs are not updated.

Rick Ferguson, the vice president of software security firm Trend Micro, has given a similar warning message. He said that using an infected PC could lead to a faster attack.

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