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The word casino originates from the Latin and Italian words. The Latin word ‘casa’ means ‘cottage’, whose Bengali synonym is cottage or hut. However, in our country, cottage refers to a garden house for vacation. The Italian language also has the Latin word ‘casa’ which means ‘house’ or house.

The word ‘casino’ originated from the word ‘casa’ in the middle of the eighteenth century. However, the meaning of the casino term has changed over time. Previously, casinos used to refer to a hall or theater where dance and music were performed. But in the second half of the nineteenth century the meaning of the word casino changed. Since then the term refers to a place of various types of gambling. Over time, the number of casinos around the world has increased. At present, the casino is a place where hundreds of crores of rupees are fetched every night. Someone goes to glamor overnight. And nobody goes to buy idol with huge money.

Casinos continued to grow in popularity in Europe in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. From then on, gambling was arranged for the elite in the palace building. Between this began the splendid casino in Wiesbaden and Baden-Baden, Germany, and Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Then there was a casino revolution in Las Vegas, USA. As a result, Las Vegas and casinos have become synonymous.There are casinos in almost every country in Europe. However, all casinos there have to go through a rule. Every casino in London is regularly monitored. There are also legitimate casinos in France. Currently, most of the famous casinos in Europe are located in Monaco. The casino is one of the main sources of income in Monaco. France, Portugal and Greece are also famous for casinos. In the twenty-first century, one of the casinos in each casino is the party or house of the casino. Betting against a gamble house. However, the House always makes sure that they can pay the gamblers a bet. However, most of the houses are investing a lot of money. So there is always more money available than gamblers. Casinos have many other ways of earning besides gambling.

Gambling has been popular since ancient times. And as people start to get more and more together over time, the trend of gambling grows. But there was no place previously recognized for gambling where professional gamblers could play together. The city of Venice in Italy met that need. The city authorities opened the first casino in the world called Casino de Venezia in 9. However, this casino was only launched during the festival. And professional gamblers could legitimately gamble there without cheating. Over time, casinos spread to many cities around the world. However, ‘Casino de Venezia’ is yet to make its presence known in Venice.

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