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Promenade Beach, which is known as “Pondicherry Beach” located in Puducherry . It  is the popular stretch of beachfront in the city of Puducherry in India.

It is in length-ways the Bay of Bengal. It is about 1.2/1.5 Kilometers long in Pondicherry, starts from War Memorial and end at Dupleix Park on the Goubert Avenue. In Tamizh it is named as “Ula Kadarkarai”

The history of Pondicherry says there were Portuguese, French, Italian and British people ruled here. There are French Colony, Italian Colony and British Colony in Pondicherry.  They all live together in Milemish. In this place there are residences, restaurants, coffee houses and a few clothing businesses exist.

Pondicherry Beach is also known as Rocky Beach and Coconut Beach which are quite famous in Pondicherry. There are many spots including Aruveli Visitors Center, Maternity Temple, Shantilata Park, Aruindu Ashram in Pondicherry.

Please do not Destroy Environment by Leaving Polyethylene and Plastics on the Tourist Spots.

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