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Only one percent of the salt and fresh water reservoirs around the world are completely transparent. Usually, such a reservoir may not be visible. And that is why every year there are numerous tourist crowds in these places in search of a transparent reservoir. Some of them travel for swimming or diving purposes, and others may just be traveling to see the place. Today’s writing is one of the few transparent reservoirs in the world.

Silfra Lake, Iceland

This lake in Europe is known to tourists as a clear water lake. The water in Silfra Lake is so transparent that the bottom of the lake is clearly visible from about 5 meters above. Its position between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. It is originally covered by National Park in Thingvalley. There are several reasons why the water of this lake in southern Iceland is the most transparent water in the world. The water here comes in contact with the underground larvae, is fully filtered and flows through the stream. Originally the lake originated from the earthquake. One of the cracks seen in different parts of Thingvalley in the devastating earthquake in 9, is ‘Silphra Fissure’ or Silphra cracks. In the aftermath of the earthquake, icy water from the neighborhood began to come in between these cracks. So it was named ‘Silfra’, which originally came from the word silver or ‘silvery’.

This place is one of the ten most famous diving destinations in the world. So it’s a great place for snorkel and diving lovers. The water here is as pure as it is rich in volcanic minerals and can be easily drunk. The water temperature of Silphra Lake is about 2 ° – 4 ° C (1 ° – 5 ° F). The water never becomes ice, even in the coldest conditions. Because the currents always keep the water moving. For these reasons, the amount of transparency and purity of the water in Silphra Lake is so high.

Dauki River, India

This river is popular as the most transparent river in the Indian subcontinent. The river becomes more lively in the rainy season, even in the rough. Although the river is originally located in India, its branch entered the Pine River in Bangladesh. The transparent stream of the Pine River is located in Jafflong, Bangladesh. The view of the boat is very visible on the Dauki River. The water here is so transparent that it looks as if the boats are floating in a vacuum. The stones of different colors and shapes can be seen on the banks of this river. These stones filter the water and keep it transparent.

One of the sources of water in the E River is the springs created by the hills, whose tourist aesthetics attract the tourists. To enjoy the beauty of the river, the English rulers built the Dowkey Bridge, which is one of the most spectacular places in the world. The river remains dry for only two months a year. Therefore, to enjoy the natural beauty of this transparent river in the name of eels of thousands of people waiting for the right time.

The Blue Eye, Albania

It is the most torrent lake in Albania. The country meets most of its water needs. From these intense currents a thousand liters of water comes out in a second. The water in this lake looks as transparent as molten lead. The water inside the soil is transparent because of the contact with the rocks.

Although the water from this lake is transparent, it looks blue from above. So its name is Blue Eye. Divers have been able to reach a maximum of 5 meters deep. So its true depth is yet to be revealed. Many tourists flock to this place every year, especially during the spring to enjoy its breathtaking views. The color game that is seen in the salt water during this time is really interesting.

Guinea Springs, Florida

Transparent water lake in Florida is one of the most transparent water bodies in the world. This lake is on the southwest side of the Santa Fe River. Every day, 10 million liters of water flows into the Santa Fe River. There are many downstream streams in Florida from which a lot of water comes to this place. The average water temperature in Guinea Springs is 12 ° F (or 22.22 ° C), which is considered ideal for swimming and diving. And that is why thousands of people visit this lake for enjoyment as well as swimming and diving.

Limestone is one of the reasons for the water being transparent here. This water is transparent due to being filtered from limestone. Moreover, the water of the sedimentary stream and the lake serves as a transparency aid. This lively environment is home to many aquatic animals, including fish, turtles of different species, and snakes. The clear blue water of this lake is surrounded by 5 acres of wood. Many enjoy spending time with family on weekends to enjoy its heavenly atmosphere.

San Blas, Panama

This sightseeing is made up of many islands. The beaches of these islands are very beautiful and attractive. The transparent blue water and attractive views of the island attract tourists. So thousands of tourists visit this place. Apart from the various marine fish and animals here, the taste of fresh and natural foods is also unparalleled. The island also boasts colorful fish, including starfish, which attract more tourists.

The middle sea water is dark blue here. From there, the water becomes transparent and light as it goes towards the beach. This scene full of infinite beauty is just as unlikely as it is fascinating. Therefore, the government has banned the movement of vessels to prevent water contamination. As a result, this immense beauty of nature and its ecosystem are protected. At the same time, transparent aquamarine water has enhanced its beauty.

Please do not Destroy Environment by Leaving Polyethylene and Plastics on the Tourist Spots.

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