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Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world, opening the door to immense potential in the economies of different countries. The growth rate of the tourism industry is even higher than GDP, and its average contribution to the global economy exceeds $ 1 trillion per year.

However, interestingly (or sadly), the tourism industry is not a blessing for all countries. Rather, there are numerous instances of contradiction in the beat. Due to the tourism industry, many important cities of the world are having a profound impact. Every year, more than the capacity of the tourists, due to the crowds, the natural environment of those cities is being destroyed, the daily life of the local people is disrupted.

Now, as we will point out to you, there are some city circles, tourism industries for which curses have been replaced by blessings.


Local residents in this city of the Netherlands are less than 3 million. However, in this city, there are 5 million tourists from abroad. As a result, the city is now more tourist than its original residents. Thus the identity of the local residents is lost. So all kinds of efforts are underway to make the tourists unfriendly to the city.

The fees for the real estate rentals that are offered to the tourists for a temporary period are being increased regularly. In addition, the city’s tourism authorities have come up with a new way to curb the flow of tourists. They imposed on Airbnb that no rental listing can accommodate more than four people at the same time, and no apartment can be rented for more than 3 days a year.

San Francisco

This California seaside town has always been a special attraction for tourists coming to the United States. The reason is the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. But recently, the well-being of Silicon Valley has increased the love of tourists to this city several times in one push. Right now one of the city’s main attractions is Lombard Street, which is called “the world’s busiest road”.

That attraction has become so high that traffic congestion has become a regular part of the city. So San Francisco is now the fifth largest city in the world. The tourists of the city are mainly responsible for this. But let’s not forget that the city is earning US $ 1 billion annually from the tourism industry. What the capitalist marcinis and the Lakshmi of the hand will bend so easily! Therefore, the city planning authorities are trying their best to solve the traffic problem and improve other parts of the city, so that not all the visitors come and gather in just a handful of places.


Santorini is a unique beautiful island off the coast of Greece. The white houses, the blue roofs of them, and the turquoise waters only as far as the eyes go, all have the ingredients to dissolve a tourist’s heart in an unappealing way. But the island is not uninhabited, however secluded. During the summer season, the island city is traditionally crowded with tourist crowds.

Unbelievably, the fact that the main inhabitants of the city are like fifteen thousand in Marrakech, is that there were 5,700 tourists arriving by pressing five cruise ships. This huge amount of tourist pressure can be tolerated! The Greek tourism department has therefore issued an infringing policy. More than 3,000 tourists daily can not set foot on the island.


Why Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the most favored destination for partisan tourists? The answer is very simple. Open bar here, and cheap beer there. At the same time, the fountains of joy are so small, where the public can not be there without! But alcoholics are no longer satisfied with just drinking alcohol. They also like to make people scream that they are drunk. Thus, the night environment of Prague was polluted by foreign drinkers.

At one point, the situation became so baseless that local authorities had now issued a “city-wide silence” throughout the city to control the situation, which began at 9pm. Segways have also been banned, and efforts are currently underway to control the city’s famous (or infamous) beer bikes (a pedal-driven, which takes tourists to breweries and bars).


The floating city of Italy is Venice. The town is sinking, almost everyone knows. Every year at least a hundred floods occur here. But the flood is natural. In addition to this, another artificial flood is constantly submerged in the city, and one day it will be completely submerged. That is a flood of tourists. Most enthusiastic tourists come to this city by water taxi and cruise ship to various historical places. But they do not understand that because of them, the infrastructure of these places is becoming more and more eroded day by day. The city’s aquatic and aquatic environment, especially due to cruise ship, is suffering from severe pollution.

Recently, the city administration is playing a very strong role in controlling these. Garbage everywhere, taking part in sports, getting out in public, leaving a profit lock, and writing on a tree or building have been declared as legally punishable offenses. Various restrictions are also imposed on renting a new hotel room.


Barcelona’s popularity is not limited to club football alone. It is also one of the major tourist destinations in Europe. That’s why last year, a city of just 1.5 million people had a crowd of 5 million. Their main destination is of course the beach. But very often, many visitors go to the beach and become so enthusiastic that it goes beyond civilization. As a result, locals in Barcelona have become overwhelmed by the tourists.

Exactly how much of a star they are, earlier this year, there is evidence. Anti-tourist movement has brought out some local residents of Barcelona. And at one point it turned violent when they were attacked by a tour bus and a hotel. They also raised reasonable reasons as to why they did so. Not too much to ask for from tourists Not just rubbish everywhere in the city, and they’re only happy if it’s a little quiet at night. However, it is as if foreigners are obliged to fulfill their demands. In this way, the tourists’ relationship with the locals is becoming a snake-neol, and it remains doubtful how long Barcelona can hold its crown in the tourism industry.

Machu Picchu

This village of ancient Inca civilization in Peru is an invaluable symbol of the history of human civilization. Naturally, the historian and beauty pageant, the two classes of people resonate with another dimension. So even though the Peruvian government and UNESCO jointly set a daily visitor population of 2,500 in the 27th, the village became a walking tourist every few times. Moreover, since July last year, the announcement of opening of certain places for tourists only at certain times of day, but in reality many are not. And the concern is that Machu Picchu does not really have the capacity to hold such a large population.

Sights are always at risk: understand that something valuable is wasted! Moreover, National Geographic cautioned in their report in 2002 that human stress could cause landslides at any time. Therefore, the administration should strengthen the fast-track tourism law, and ensure its proper implementation.

Please do not Destroy Environment by Leaving Polyethylene and Plastics on the Tourist Spots.

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