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Keokradong is a peak which is located in Ruma, Bandarban, Bangladesh. On the top of Keokradong there is a small accommodation and a signboard put up by Bangladesh Army declaring the elevation to be 967 meters (3,173 ft.).

Elevation measured by handheld GPS displays it is 986 meters (3,235 ft.) with 3m accuracy. There is a disagreement about the highest peak of Bangladesh, and some sources specify Saka Haphong as the most elevated peak of Bangladesh.

The main trek starts from Boga Lake, which can be reached from Bandarban town by local transport named “Chander Gari” trips with a stop at Ruma Bazar. Chander Gari trips are the best and to enjoy its feel, you can start the trip just before evening falls.

The road from the town to Ruma is quite harmless and will take about two and a half hours. Ruma has all the spaces for a night’s stay. You’ll have to go through a checkpoint here and you have to hire a guide.

Boga Lake | NHBD24 

Next break is at Komola Bazar, where you’ll let go of your trip and buy a stick that’ll be your most reliable partner for the whole trek. Here you found a road for cars to Boga Lake. If you too have to hike and it’s your first hike, don’t hurry it. 

You have to take breaks every five or ten minutes depending on your squad’s energy. After a hike up this steep track, the scene of the vast lake that is Boga Lake will definitely come as a relief. It is necessary to take a break and have food at Boga Lake Para. Buy some fruits and water for the trek. You can devote the night if it’s too late to continue; there’s an army camp to check in. Next is the main trek to Keokradong which takes about four/five hours.

There is a waterfall on the way, which is called “Chingri Jhorna” or “Chingri Waterfall”, where you can take rest and freshen up. After about three/four hours of the way, there’s a small village which is called Darjeeling Para. 

Chingri Waterfall | NHBD24 

You can see Keokradong’s peak from this para. You can have a cup of tea at the local stall and explore a bit; the view from there is worth a few long glances. But don’t linger too long because the real deal is still half an hour’s trek to go. 

Darjeeling Para is located just at the foot of Keokradong. Darjeeling Para is a village which is on the road from Boga Lake to Keokradong. 

It has become a tradition and necessity to stop at the village before trekking the closing slop of Keokradong. Keokradong’s peak can be seen from Darjeeling Para. The view from there is worth a few long glances. Traveler don’t stay too long because the destination is still half an hour’s hike to go.

For the adventure’s sake I won’t define the peak for you, but what I will say is that you will not be disappointed. Never miss out on the chance of an overnight stay at the peak, especially if there’s at least half a moon overhead. The view from Keokradong Peak, which is like a heaven on earth.

Please do not Destroy Environment by Leaving Polyethylene and Plastics on the Tourist Spots.

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