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Chandranath Hills is the eastern portion of the Himalayas detached from the Himalayas. This peak goes south and south-east of the Himalayas and crosses the Feni stream through Assam and Tripura states of India and joins Chittagong. From the Feni River to the Chittagong city, it is about 70 kilometers extended.

On the top of the Chandranath Hill, there is a temple which is named Chandranath Temple, is a famous Shakti Peeth situated near Sitakunda in Bangladesh where, as per Hindu holy texts, the right arm of Goddess Sati fell. Chandranath Temple is a excursion spot for Hindus. Its height about 1,020 feet (310 m) upstairs sea level. Raja Biswambhar Sur, a offspring of the famous Adisur of Gaur, tried to spread Chandranath by sea. 

The Nigamkalpataru denotes to the poet Jayadev living for a time in Chandranath. By the time of Dhanya Manikya, ruler of Tripura, Chandranath established numerous endowments. Dhanya Manikya attempted to eliminate the idol of Shiva from the temple to his empire but failed.

Chandranath hill is the precise place for those who enjoys Climbing. On the way to Chandranath peak you will see some of the religious places of Hindus religion. This area is full of numerous kinds of trees, flora and fauna. Here has some tribe people named Tipra and a tribe village. It is easy to climb up by the mountainous way and climb down by the stairs way. 

The hills are looking very desirable at rainy season, because of rain fall the trees and hills looks very fresh. But it is very unsafe to climb up the hill at rainy season.

Chandranath Hills | NHBD24

Please do not Destroy Environment by Leaving Polyethylene and Plastics on the Tourist Spots.

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